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Experience the magic of screen free childhood with our world class products.

    About us

    Fun Learn Grow

    Zigyasaw Creations Private Limited was founded in May 2017 in Pune, Maharashtra, India by experienced parents, artists and professionals. We have been designing and manufacturing a premium line for children's interactive educational products. All these products from Zigyasaw encourage learning and develop confidence as they enhance a child's potential. The specific skills that every child requires while entering school and the world beyond, are strengthened by our products. They have high educational value.

    As Zigyasaw manufactures and distributes its own exclusive product line, it offers excellent value for your money.

    Fun. Learn. Grow. This is our Goal. Children have fun, they learn, they grow. Parents and educators are contented as they provide the perfect, essential and quality educational products for their children.

    Our Founders


    Our world today is cluttered with screens - big and small. This is resulting in issues like poor perception, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and lack of quality family time.

    Having seen these issues from close quarters, Asawari and Manish returned to India, after having spent 17 wonderful years in California. Both being Engineers and aware parents sought activities that would not just engage their daughters but enhance their potential. Here they met Kundan, an alumnus of JJ school of arts Mumbai, having over two decades of experience in design and advertising. More importantly, a parent in search of meaningful activities for his daughters.

    Together they decided to do something to boost curiosity and creativity. Thus “Zigyasaw” was born. “Jigyasa” means curiosity in Indian languages including Sanskrit. Our vision is to be a world class enterprise in the field of educational toys and games.