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    Our Story


    We were in California for 17 years. When our elder daughter was about 7-8 years old, she was very fond of Origami. To our surprise, one day she asked if she could sell her origami flowers and she actually sold one for 25 cents. That triggered a passion for business for the family.

    When our younger daughter was 2.5 years old, she would sit for hours and try to put the giant floor puzzle about various states in the US. At the time, she could not read. By the time she was 3.5 years old, to everyone’s surprise she knew all 50 states in the US and what they were known for. We thought  that was fascinating. She would do the world map puzzle with her grandparents and they all would have a great time putting it together. Her grandma would ask how we come to US from India, what airlines we fly, what routes we take, what countries we visit en route, etc. Then we would buy the floor puzzles available in the market. I thought being an Indian parent, it would be a great idea to explain her about India and Maharashtra through similar means. Every year, we would visit India during vacations and look out for similar puzzles in Indian context.

    There were puzzles, but very small pieces and not great quality. This is why we decided to do it ourselves. We did lot of research and talked to lot of folks. Finally found a partner in our family itself. Our partner who is an alumnus of JJ school of arts, Mumbai, also runs a creative ads agency in Pune. Quickly he was on board and Zigyasaw was born. We were thinking about naming the company as or Those domains were taken. Jigyasaw means curiosity in Indian langauages. We combined that with jigsaw. Hence the name ZIGYASAW 😊