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    I was looking for an educational game for my 10 year old niece and found this. Never could imagine someone would pick Global Warming for such a category. It's a great way to educate younger generation about this important global issue. Love the fact, the designers chose red color on the box to demonstrate warming earth. More importantly the actual puzzle has soothing colors to explain how everyone can help in their capacity. We had a great time at our family gathering and it turned to be a lot of fun. We pledged to do our part to help Mother nature. Well done.

    I purchased this for my 6 year old. Very thoughtfully designed puzzle with great box design with a handle to avoid an extra bag. My girl loves to carry it around. The print quality is amazing and pieces are child safe. As a side effect, kids learn about this important global issue and how they can help. Highly recommend as birthday or holiday gift.

    We were pleasantly surprised by the product. The quality and simplicity of the whole product would be the main point here - the outer box is very strong and it helps the storage. The puzzle pieces are covered in a simple plastic bag, but after you open the first time, you can just leave it in the box. In addition to that, there are some quiz cards about places in the world - still not using it that much as my son is still a little under 4.

    The puzzle size is the key here - 54 pieces. That provides a good time to assemble together and still helps with the short attention span. The puzzle drawing is nice and the pieces are very sturdy and durable. We assemble the puzzle almost everyday now, it became one of my kid's favorites.

    If you want a "world map puzzle", there is no need to search for others... highly recommended to all.

    I wanted a puzzle of the world for my niece that was fairly detailed even though she's not 5 yet. It shows the world's countries thoroughly & oceans & details with pictures. This was by far the best world jigsaw puzzle for a young child. I am pleased & I know her parents will be too. It is a Christmas present & worth the cost. I want my niece to have a good sense of what is where--especially since Geography is another thing that has no longer taught properly in most of America's education system.

    I brought this puzzle to give a birthday gift to my friends son and got great feedback from him which I would like to share. Puzzle design, color, finishing quality is excellent and all family members loved pitching into complete it. This builds knowledge of kids about different countries, locations and continents. Also, entire family can spend time together and enjoy answering lot of interesting questions from kids. It's a perfect gift for kids. I highly recommended this Puzzle.

    Great quality puzzle. Designers have done a good job to make it a interesting as well as challenging puzzle. Pleased with this.