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Experience the magic of screen free childhood with our world class products.

    Why Zigyasaw

    We believe that good puzzles can keep children engaged. They stimulate their curiosity, improve focus and attention span refines motor skills. The large size of the puzzles is a visual treat. And, they are so easy to clean. Young or old, all the group members get equally involved in the puzzle-solving activity.

    Our Learning Process

    At Zigyasaw Creations, extensive research into the latest educational techniques, along with those tried and trusted traditional methods of learning were put to the test. The results have led Zigyasaw to address and answer the following two fundamental issues faced by parents and educators today: ‘How to learn’ and ‘What to learn’.

    How to Learn

    Traditional forms of learning are mainly centered on the left side of the brain. The left side of the brain is the logical, mathematical side. Thus, when a book is read, or a text is memorized, the WORDS enter the left side of the brain. Most schools around the world still use traditional ‘left brain’ education techniques as the primary method of teaching. Research has now proven that by including the right side of the brain, which is the more creative, artistic side, a child's ability to learn can be increased by as much as 90%! This new type of learning is known as ‘interactive’ or ‘multi-sensory’ learning.

    What to Learn

    At Zigyasaw Creations, extensive research on worldwide curriculum was conducted to determine what specific skills children need to develop at different stages in their early lives. After much investigation and research, the actual number of specific skills reached well up to a hundred. Each skill fell into one or more categories. These categories were further developed and incorporated in moulding the Zigyasaw Creations Skill Sets. Different areas of each child’s brain develop at different times. As a result, different parts of the brain are more sensitive to life's experiences at different stages. This chart will assist you in identifying the stage when a child can best learn these skill sets. Today, more than ever, parents are searching for quality educational products which are exciting, fun and effective for children. All ‘Learning Journey Products’ fulfil this need, encourage learning and develop confidence while enhancing a child's potential. With our complete range of interactive products, children can have fun while learning.