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    Activities to enjoy with your toddler

    activities to do with toddlers

    Days spent with your toddler are the most magical times! In today's world of a fast-paced lifestyle, pausing and spending time with your loved ones is a much-needed break that we all look forward to. But what to do when these times do show up? What are the activities that you can enjoy with your toddler that will be engaging as well as help create a core memory for your young one? 

    Continue reading to discover a to z alphabet reusable activity flashcards and other fun activities to play with your kids.  

    1. Experiment with jelly textures.

    If you need to get something done in the kitchen and the baby does not want to get away from you, place them in a high chair with a tray of different colored jelly. They can dig in and enjoy playing with jelly while you work away. You can replace jelly with slime as well. Your baby will enjoy squelching and squishing in this sensory play for newborns.

    2. Create and experiment with sensory bottles.

    Many high-end toys can be expensive, but you can create small engaging games from stuff you already have at home. You can use plastic bottles or wooden utensils for the children to play around.

    3. Allow for necessary tummy time.

    Make this a stand-alone activity to provide babies with plenty of tummy time. If your infant is unwilling, place them on your chest. Sing and converse, and your baby will be eager to interact.

    4. Look at Images.

    Babies adore the human face, even more so when it is the face of someone they recognize and love. Choose family photographs where family members are happy and engaged in different activities. Let your child gaze at them and recognize them as you tell them stories and anecdotes.  

    5. Bake something for them and hand them a spoon.

    If you enjoy cooking and baking, you should begin early with your child. They can 'assist' you by rolling, mixing, or pounding a pot against the counter next to you. They're on their way to being your sous chef soon!

    6. A book to read

    Reading to infants is never too early. You can begin with picture books. Babies adore them because they have a variety of content to take in. They'll soon have favorites. Don't forget to leave these out for the babysitter so you can enjoy alone time.

    7. Flash cards!

    Create entertaining flashcards to introduce them to new ideas! Read the words aloud and display colorful graphics to the students. Children never tire of reusable activity flashcards and learn a lot through them! 

    8. Jigsaw puzzles 

    One of the best ways of spending time with your children is to start a jigsaw puzzle. It's okay to take it slow and build your jigsaw for multiple days. A puzzle is a continuous “work-in-progress” that offers a satisfying pay-off.