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    Importance of visual learning for a child's growth


    A lot of what we learn, especially during our childhood, is visual learning. Stats show that around 65% of the population across the world are visual learners! 

    Importance Of Visual Learning 

    1. Almost half of a child's brain is used for visual processing.
    2.  70% of their sense receptors are in their eyes. 
    3. They get the sense of a picture in 1/10th of a second. 
    4. They get five times as much information as adults. 
    5. Kids read only 28% of the words when they look at a page or a website. 

    Thus, it is important to include visuals in the study process, so that you can learn more.

    Let's take a deep dive into how visual learning cues help growth in children - 

    1. Help Store Information Longer

    In order to ensure that information is retained in long-term memory, images are by far the most efficient method. Short-term memory, according to education consultant Dr. Lynell Burmark, is limited to seven bits of knowledge. Instead of being processed by our short-term memory, images are stored directly in our long-term memory.

    visual learning importance

    2. Make Communication Quicker And Simpler

    As per the Visual Teaching Alliance

    • Of all the information transmitted to the brain, 90% is visual.
    • As opposed to text, visuals are processed 60,000x faster.
    • Humans are capable of getting the sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10th of a second.
    • 40% of nerve fibres are linked to the retina.
    • Our brain can see images that last for only 13 milliseconds.
    • The human eye can register 36,000 visual messages every hour.

    The information listed in bullets is no doubt simpler to comprehend. But, the same information in the form of an image or a video is processed much more swiftly. Images make comprehending an idea easy and quick. You ask yourself - would you rather read an essay about astrophysics or watch a video teaching it to you.

    3. Lead to Better Comprehension

    Visuals assist learners to absorb information quickly by activating the imagination and affecting their cognitive powers. Besides, the visual language is also considered to have the capability to stretch ‘human bandwidth’ - which encompasses acquiring, interpreting and processing new information. For example, the infographic below demonstrates how we are pre-wired to instantly interpret relationships between items which assures instant comprehension with almost zero effort:

    4. Express Emotions Fluidly

    Emotions and visual information is interpreted in the same area of the human brain. Visual stimulus and emotional response are linked in a simple way and these two combined form what we call memories. Hence, vivid visuals and visual metaphors make strong impressions and lasting memories in learners.

    5. Drive Motivation

    Most of the students struggle with some of their courses because they find them unappealing and consequently lack the drive to put in the necessary efforts. Visuals are the greatest bet in such instances. Captivating visuals, engaging movies, intriguing infographics, etc. assist learners in battling the monotony and push them to accomplish better.

    Benefits of using visuals for children are - reducing anxiety, resistance to change and social isolation, helping children with challenging behaviour, motivation and understanding, serving as a tool to assist with transitions. 

    The benefits of graphics are only valid when they are utilised effectively. Zigyasaw believes that the quality and relevancy of visuals are critical when it comes to a child’s growth. As an example, suppose you have the most meaningful graphics, charts, and videos that significantly outperform your competitors' online tutorials. However, if the visuals are low resolution or pixelated, they will fall short of their intended function, and the learner will lose interest. Apart from being of low quality, visual aids that are generic in character and fail to explain the subject in a precise and clear manner will not appeal to students.

    Zigyasaw aims at creating visually appealing toys and games in order to change the technologically-driven world for children into a space that stimulates imagination, appreciates expression and inspires creativity. Our products, be they jigsaws or flashcards use top-quality visuals to interact with a child’s brain and entertain them like no other toy. Visual cues stimulate them while the sweet and vibrant visuals are fun for them! Come, learn happily with Zigyasaw!