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    ZCC Circus Ruckus - Endless Fun of Movement, Age 5+

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    What’s the game about?

    It’s showtime! Get kids moving while being indoors and shake off their energy and anxiety in the current times! A playful group game that inspires creativity and laughter.


    The Lion Tamer and his troop of ferocious Lions, Tigers, and Bears take over the stage. Roar and go wild with 36 different circus acts! Do the shake and the twists, the jumps and the leaps, whistle, and hoot for endless fun. Juggle with the beanbags, or cheer with the ribbon sticks, you will be rolling with laughter!


    What’s in the box?

    18 Cards, 1 Wooden Die, 2 Ribbon Sticks, 2 Bean Bags, 4 Foam Masks, 1 Card Stand, and Instructions. High-quality materials for lasting durability to exercise your mind and body.