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    ZCC My little Cabbage - A Game of touch and memory, Age 3 +

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    What’s the game about?

    The McSquirrels loved storing stuff. But they soon ran out of space to store their things. Until they found a big, juicy cabbage! Can you find all the fun treasures that the McSquirrels are hiding in the soft, stuffed cabbage? Those little squirrels also love to play hide-and-seek. Look out for them too!!


    A versatile easy game that grows with your toddler! Play a game of colourful hide and seek with or bring storytime to life with vibrant finger puppets! Stimulate the sense of touch with textured tokens and play matching or memory. Perfect first game! 


    What's in the box? 

    1 Cabbage Plush pouch, 5 Squirrel Finger Puppets, 16 Texture Tokens, 16 Acorn Counters, and Game Guide