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    ZCC Spell Cat - Age to 8

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    What’s the game about?


    The Spell Cat has a special fascination for words, their sounds & their spellings. She feeds on cat food that she receives when you spell correctly.  With every feed, the cat will surely purr…you don’t want the cat to go hungry!


    An interactive learning tray for learning spellings in a multi-sensory way with a range of ideas to develop spelling skills.

    Includes a motivation builder- Number of words you learn = Cat food. Grab tasty cat food and feed the cat.

    Letter tiles include both upper & lower case letters.


    What’s in the box?


    1 Spelling Tray with attached Whiteboard, 1 Wipe Erase Marker, 70 Alphabet Tiles, 90 Picture Word cards, 10 Blank cards, Feed the Cat Scoreboard with 20 Food Tokens & User Guide. Includes 3 to 7 letter words and 10 customisable cards.